The Tulip Platform

Use the Industry’s leading frontline operations platform to create user-friendly and functional
apps that improve the productivity of your
operations, without writing any code. Start from
scratch or download a configurable app from our
library for faster time-to-value.

Tulip helps future-proof your operations
with a GxP-ready, cloud-based
platform with built-in edge connectivity
and compliance capabilities.

Connect your devices, sensors, and machines to your Tulip
application to streamline and error-proof data capture. With Tulip
dashboards, use real-time data analytics to gain visibility over all your
stations in each of your sites.

Our secure platform is designed to simplify compliance with our GxPready platform for digital documentation and electronic signatures.


Tulip’s Platform consists of four components.
1. No-Code App Editor
Add logic to your operations without writing any code — using our apps editor, you can make simple work of complex applications.

2. Edge + Connectors
Connecting all of your IIoT devices, machines, and systems to Tulip is simple with Edge IO and Edge MC

3. Real-Time Analytics
Using built-in analytics, measure, monitor, and visualize real-time process data.

4. Ecosystem and Content
Download best-in-class apps and connectors from the Tulip Library. Learn from free online courses on Tulip University. Chat with experienced users and staff in our Community.

Frontline Operations Platform for Discrete Manufacturing

A new, smarter way to run your production operations.

Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform is helping
companies increase productivity, reduce scrap,
and continually improve.

Tulip’s no code app editor allows engineers to build connected
apps with common data structures with logic and tables that can fit your process. Top-down approaches are supplemented with self-service app editing. Empower those closest to the frontline to manage and continually improve your systems. Start small, see value immediately, and then grow at your own pace. Start small and see value immediately with over 100 out-of-the-box apps in the Tulip Library and grow at your own pace.


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