A centralized compliance recording solution designed specifically for financial services. 

  • Recording of mobile- and fixed-line phones
  • Recording of email, IMs, and SMS
  • Recording of video
  • Recording of chat (Bloomberg, Eikon, Symphony, WhatsApp) 
  • Recording of Teams (Audio, chat, meetings, and video)

Microsoft Teams Recording

Our solution now supports compliance recording for Microsoft Teams, enabling you to easily uphold the recording requirements in compliance with MiFID II 

Our solution can record:

  • Audio (Calls,  video and meetings)
  • Chat (In call chats, IMs and file shares)
  • Video (Video and screen sharing)

Proactive compliance

Our Compliance solution allows you to safely and securely store cross-channel communications data in one centralized system – providing a complete audit trail and ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations and directives.

Our solution is compliant with:
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Complete cross-channel overview

Our Compliance introduces state-of-the-art features and functionalities allowing for multi-channel recording. A multitude of built-in integrations ensure seamless communication with other systems and technologies – enabling you to easily recontruct trade history. 

Our Compliance solution covers:
  • Voice (Mobile phones, landlines)
  • Text (E-mail, sms and mms)
  • Video (Video Conferencing, Webinars) 
  • Instant Bloomberg, Eikon Messenger, Symphony

Optimize your risk-based approach

Our Compliance provides compliance officers with powerful, customizable dashboards and a range of options to highlight vital information – assisting with identifying and managing potential risks and breaches before they have a chance to develop.

  • Built-in Risk Detections
  • Cross-channel searching
  • Powerful Dashboards

Increased efficiency with Smart Tags

Smart Tags makes compliance work and quality assurance simple and efficient. Spend less time retrieving high risk conversations and more time taking the required actions to ensure a healthy compliance culture within your company.

  • Tag high-risk conversations
  • Tag critical segments within a conversation
  • Search for Smart Tags for easy retrieval

A smarter way to audit

No more reason to document compliance in external spreadsheets.  GuardREC introduces Compliance Comments, allowing for in-system notetaking and collaboration while auditing. Save valuable time switching between applications, while keeping critical compliance notes within the system – accessible for authorized users only. 

  • Add compliance comments to all types of dialog
  • In-system notetaking while auditing
  • Share and collaborate with authorized users

A centralized compliance recording solution designed specifically for financial services is a type of software that enables financial institutions to record and store all forms of communication, including phone calls, emails, instant messages, and other types of electronic communication. This solution is designed to help financial institutions comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and FINRA.

This type of compliance recording solution typically includes features such as search and retrieval capabilities, advanced analytics, and reporting tools. It also provides secure storage and archiving of all communication data, ensuring that financial institutions meet regulatory requirements for retention and retrieval of data.

Additionally, this solution may provide advanced features such as real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing compliance teams to quickly identify and address potential compliance breaches. It can also include tools for voice and data analytics, enabling compliance teams to detect potential market abuse, insider trading, or other types of suspicious activity.

Overall, a centralized compliance recording solution designed specifically for financial services provides financial institutions with a comprehensive and integrated solution for compliance recording, archiving, and retrieval, enabling them to meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk, and improve overall compliance management.

Multi-channel recording with synchronous replay

The main goal for our AS is to provide the market with a recording solution which provides recording of all required sources, and enable perfect synchronous replay of these. There is no limit of the number of channels or sources recorded in the guardREC® ATC recording solution.


The guardREC® ATC recording solution supports a variety of audio formats; analogue, digital and VoIP (ED-137B / C).


The guardREC® ATC recording solution support recording of all screen resolutions and screen topologies.


Record and replay of radar feeds, synchronized with all other recorded sources.


Record and replay of cameras to perfectly reconstruct the environment of the operator. 

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