Asset & Data Centre Management Software​

  • IT Asset Management solution enables you to manage your IT assets (physical devices or intangible components such as software instances, software licenses and virtualized functions) throughout their entire lifecycle – from procurement to decommissioning. 
  • Features such as powerful contract management, high-performance planning functionality, and efficient work order management help you actively manage this lifecycle. Automate the processes for managing your IT assets. Reduce total cost of ownership. Maximize the value of every asset in use. 
  • Use more than 70,000 pre-defined server, network and data center components in photo-realistic representation thanks to the comprehensive component library. As a result, assets can be captured quickly, interactively, and with minimal effort in complete IT documentation.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software (DCIM)

  • FNT’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution is a central resource management and optimization software for the data center. It covers documentation, planning, and management of all data center resources and facilities throughout their entire lifecycle. 
  • Businesses that use our DCIM software are able to streamline processes and optimize utilization of building infrastructure (power, cooling, floorspace), IT infrastructure (networks, servers, storage), connectivity (cables, patches) and services (software, applications).

Asset and Data Centre Management Software is a type of IT management solution that helps organizations manage their physical assets, such as servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and other hardware, as well as the data centres where these assets are housed.

These solutions typically offer features for tracking the location, configuration, and utilization of physical assets, as well as monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity in data centre facilities. Additionally, they may provide tools for managing power usage, cooling, and other resources within the data centre to ensure optimal efficiency and uptime.

Asset and Data Centre Management Software can also include features for automating tasks such as hardware inventory, asset tracking, and performance monitoring. This can help organizations streamline their IT operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

Overall, Asset and Data Centre Management Software can provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their physical assets and data centre facilities, enabling them to optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and improve IT service delivery.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is a type of software application that provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s data center infrastructure. It enables data center operators to monitor and manage all aspects of the physical infrastructure, including power and cooling systems, rack space, and networking equipment.

DCIM software provides a centralized platform for monitoring and managing the entire data center ecosystem, including servers, storage, networking devices, and power and cooling systems. It enables operators to visualize and manage the physical layout of the data center, track power usage and cooling efficiency, and identify potential areas of risk or downtime.

DCIM software also provides tools for capacity planning, enabling organizations to optimize resource utilization and reduce costs. It can help operators forecast future capacity requirements based on historical trends, enabling them to make informed decisions about infrastructure upgrades or new deployments.

Another key feature of DCIM software is its ability to integrate with other data center management systems, such as asset management software, IT service management software, and network management tools. This enables operators to have a unified view of the entire data center environment, enabling them to make informed decisions about resource allocation and capacity planning.

Overall, DCIM software is an essential tool for organizations that rely on data center infrastructure to support their business operations. By providing a comprehensive view of the physical infrastructure and enabling efficient resource management, DCIM software can help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure the availability and reliability of their critical IT systems.

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