Security & Defence, Civil Nuclear, and Biological Threat Detection

Threat Detection for Brighter Tomorrow

Kromek’s Security & Defence, Civil Nuclear, and Biological Threat Detection products and solutions have been developed   using the latest technology. Across our detection portfolio, we have a range of OEM components as well as ready-to-use products.

Alpha Beta Probes

Kromek’s scintillator-based Alpha Beta Probe is an ideal solution for Nuclear security applications, such as wide area scanning and searching for contamination.  small size also means the probe can easily fit into any scanning location.

Handheld RIID

  Unique high performance and versatile radiation detection device in a wearable package for military, homeland security, and industrial personnel.


Kromek introduces the new generation RayMon and its interchangeable NaI, CZT and Alpha Beta Probes, our all-in-one solution for your radionuclide detection and analysis needs.


CZT-based detector modules from a new OEM customer, which is an established player in the medical imaging sector in Asia

The next generation in PRD and SPRD radiation detector

Always searching for radiation sources

Small, lightweight and user-friendly, the D3S PRD is a continuous search device that can be worn by first responders as well as customs and border protection personnel to quickly and accurately detect, locate and intercept radiological threats.

The D3S PRD is designed for:

  • Event security personnel;
  • law enforcement;
  • border security;
  • and other first responders as part of their regular equipment.
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