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High Temperature Camera

Cement Kiln

Detect buildup and know exactly what’s going on around the clock, with resilient high-temperature cameras that give you a better look into your kilns. With built-in temperature monitoring, you don’t just have a visual on operations — you have real-time data.   

Pulp and Paper

Empower pulp, paper, and recovery boiler operators to navigate the difficult conditions of their processing plants, using reliable visuals of the hottest and most hazardous production areas. Advanced infrared viewing technologies from Mirion provide clear images for a better understanding of what is happening onsite at all times.

Steel and Aluminum Furnaces

Any melt tank requires a camera system that's protected from extreme ambient temperatures. Installing a Mirion high-temperature Spyrometer® camera in your furnace allows you to monitor the conditions inside the furnace around the clock, to ensure that operations are safe and efficient.

High Temperature Spyrometer Camera

Dual wavelength, Infrared (IR) non-contact Pyrometer and Imaging System


The IST-Quadtek Spyrometer 4, with its patented combination
of a dual wavelength, Infrared (IR), non-contact pyrometer and
imaging system gives the operator the ability to see process
conditions while measuring the temperature of virtually any
area in the field of view. The M555 imaging pyrometer takes the
video image and the temperature information, multiplexes it and
sends it, via coaxial cable, to the M215 S™ imaging processor in
the control room and displays it on a VGA monitor.
The M215 S imaging processor provides on-screen temperature
measurement facilities; the data can easily be interfaced to
your control system using an Ethernet link or 4-20 mA outputs.
Please refer to separate M215 S datasheet for full details.
Additional features of the M555 include: 

  • Improved iris control options for a clearer image under
    changing lighting conditions
  • Less requirement for air cooling, reducing electrical power
    consumption in some applications
  • Fewer component parts
  • Improved reliability through use of surface mount


  • Rotary Kilns Monitor cement and lime kiln product and temperatures. See potential kiln upsets early. Interface temperatures to your DCS.
  • Cement Clinker Coolers Monitor the cooler for red rivers and upset conditions. Optimize cooling patterns by measuring clinker temperature on the grate. Aids in reducing equipment breakdown and refractory degradation. Obtain continuous visual of clinker depth and relation to grate speed changes.
  • Fossil Utility Boilers Observe flame shape and temperature of each burner. Assign a temperature cursor to each flame to aid in controlling NOx levels.
  • Steel Reheat Furnaces See areas of non-uniform heating and adjust product speed or combustion accordingly. Position temperature cursors to accommodate size and shape of the load.


Lynx High Temperature Color Camera Series


The IST-Quadtek™ M535 Lynx Series of Visible Light High-Temperature Color Cameras is designed to give you the flexibility to customize electronics, lenses, filters and other options to provide continuous monitoring of your hightemperature processes. Straight or oblique lenses are available in order to give the end user greater flexibility in mounting arrangements. The camera includes temperature sensors to provide status information and control of a retract system when fitted. A serial interface allows the camera to be controlled and its status to be checked remotely from the comfort of the control room. Features include:

  • Automatic exposure adjustment 
  • Image adjustment (brightness, white balance, contrast and
    color saturation) Color or mono display modes
  • Camera temperature monitoring (lens tip, imager and main
  • Over-temperature alarms (user adjustable)
  • Retract demand status
  • Event log


  • Coal Fired Utility Boilers
    Monitor flame shape to adjust burners for maximum
    combustion and minimum fuel usage
  • Rotary Kilns and Coolers
    Provide continuous product quality monitoring. Observe
    ring formation, burner flame and product as it moves
    down the kiln or cooler. Potential upset conditions can
    be detected early
  • Bark Fired Boiler
    Observe fuel distribution, bed and feeder monitoring,
    combustion and flame characteristics
  • Cost Effective Solution
    Ideal for multiple camera installations
  • Compatible with Existing IST-Quadtek Retract
    Can be retro-fitted on existing M353/M354/M356
    retraction systems

Mirion Technologies is a company that specializes in radiation detection and measurement, as well as imaging systems and services for various industries. One of the products offered by Mirion is a high temperature camera, which is designed to capture images in extreme temperature environments.

Mirion’s high temperature cameras use advanced thermal imaging technology to provide clear images of subjects at high temperatures, such as furnaces, boilers, and other high-temperature equipment. These cameras are able to withstand temperatures up to 3000°C (5400°F) and can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

The cameras are built with rugged and durable materials that can withstand harsh environments, and they offer a range of features including real-time temperature measurement and video recording capabilities. The cameras can be used for monitoring industrial processes, detecting hot spots, and identifying potential equipment failures before they occur.

Mirion’s high temperature cameras are used in a variety of industries, including steel and aluminum production, glass manufacturing, and power generation. They are an important tool for ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial operations, and for helping to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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