High Temperature Camera

Cement Kiln

Detect buildup and know exactly what’s going on around the clock, with resilient high-temperature cameras that give you a better look into your kilns. With built-in temperature monitoring, you don’t just have a visual on operations — you have real-time data.   

Pulp and Paper

Empower pulp, paper, and recovery boiler operators to navigate the difficult conditions of their processing plants, using reliable visuals of the hottest and most hazardous production areas. Advanced infrared viewing technologies from Mirion provide clear images for a better understanding of what is happening onsite at all times.

Steel and Aluminum Furnaces

Any melt tank requires a camera system that's protected from extreme ambient temperatures. Installing a Mirion high-temperature Spyrometer® camera in your furnace allows you to monitor the conditions inside the furnace around the clock, to ensure that operations are safe and efficient.

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